This survey is a collaborative project with your school and the Otsego County System of Care. This survey helps to provide useful information for needs assessment, program development, and program evaluation. Particularly, the survey will provide information regarding programs for promoting social and emotional competencies and preventing bullying and other behavior problems. For example, scores on the School Climate Scale might indicate if a school needs to devote greater attention to important areas of school climate, such as teacher-student relations, student relations, school safety, clarity of expectations, fairness of rules, and teacher-home communications.

This survey is about how you feel your school is doing this year. Please choose one answer based on your experience with school related activities.

As you take this survey, consider how you feel about all your school related activities (including remote, hybrid, or in person events).

If you are not sure how to respond, please give your best answer. Do NOT give your name. No one will know who answered this survey.

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